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  • Technology Solutions Research Company   Locate. Navigate. Collaborate. Humatics creates valuable location data for use in multiple use cases including manufacturing, transportation, robotics, surgical, and more. Let’s get to work The Humatics Advan Global leader for precision location and navigation data High quality components maximizing system performance Advanced algorithms for maximum data value Sub-millimeter level […]

  • effect of temperature on magnetic strength

    effect of temperature on magnetic strength

    What Effect Does Temperature Have on Magnetic Strength? Magnets are a part of everyday life – they close refrigerator doors, keep headphones together and store data on hard drives. But what happens if a magnet is exposed to extreme temperature? Alnico magnetic materials are the least sensitive to temperature changes, though their strength does diminish […]

  • Magnetics is a Phenomena

    Magnetics is among the phenomena that is mediated by electrical fields. The term “electronic field” refers to made up of electromagnetic currents and electrical waves. The electromagnetic field is in contact with other fields as well as electric minutes. The electromagnetic field may consist of waves as well as electrical currents. Two kinds of waves comprise the electromagnetic […]

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